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Our Services

We specialise in the cleaning of domestic wheelie bins, food waste boxes and recycling boxes throughout Newport, South Wales. Our team call on the day of rubbish collection, scrape whatever is left inside your bin and bag it up.

Your bin will then be scrubbed inside and out, and deodorised and disinfected, killing all nasty germs and odours. Once clean, we return your bin to outside your property with a fresh liner.

Area We Cover

Our team clean wheelie bins, food waste boxes and recycling boxes across the city of Newport, South Wales.

Why Choose Us?

Fortnightly clean on day of rubbish collection

All bins deodorised and disinfected

We only use recycled liners

Bin returned to your property

Over 15 years’ experience

Professional, friendly and reliable staff


Each wheelie bin clean costs just £3 if paid fortnightly, with food waste and recycling boxes charged 50p extra per box. We also offer half yearly and yearly payment plans to save you time and money.

We only clean your recycling bin if you have your waste bin cleaned with us.

Bin clean of £3 is based on you having your bin cleaned fortnightly.

Our costs and payment packages are as follows:

Half Year











1 Free Clean
3 Free Cleans
Wheelie Bin & Recycling Box



Wheelie Bin & Food Waste Box
Wheelie Bin
Number of Cleans

Payment Options

Paying for your bin cleaning with us is simple, you can pay by cash or debit/credit card at the door. If you’re not home, we will post a slip containing our details and call back another evening to collect the payment.

Alternatively, you can pay over the telephone by debit/credit card or setup a direct debit. All card payments are processed securely using SumUp and all Direct Debit payments are managed by GoCardless.


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